Nyxia Art

Digital Illustration and handmade crafts

Hello! I'm Astra! I am currently working as a freelance artist for my own business Nyxia Creations where I create digital illustrations and handmade crafts.
I have always had a passion for art and storytelling, and have been drawing and creating things for as long as I can remember.
Video games have also been a passion of mine ever since I could comprehend what a video game was. I spent most of my childhood playing different games such as Halo, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and 4, Dark Souls and the Assassins creed series.
I am a massive fan of the fantasy genre, and many books and stories within this genre such as The Lord Of The Rings, and Game Of Thrones. I am currently also working on my own fantasy novels that I plan to publish one day soon.

Products, graphic design, and photography

Here is my latest price sheet for personal art commissions!
Prices can vary between different clients depending on the work desired.
Please also check my TOS for all the information about how I work and what each client is entitled to as a customer of Nyxia Creations.Click here for TOS!

Interested in a commission?Drop me a message!
Telegram - @Nyxia_Creations
Email - [email protected]